Blogging For Beginners – The Basics And How To Start

Blogging has become a lifestyle for many. It provides work independence for those who are dedicated to it; some call it freedom. Imagine that you can generate income from your home, writing articles without having to work from 9 to 5 as an employee.

In this article, I am going to teach you the basic concepts of blogging and how to start using it.

Blogs started as weblogs; weblogs was referring to “server log file.” They were created in the mid-1990s. Gradually, these weblogs saturated the internet with a lot of information.

It is effortless to have your blog.

Many blog providers provide you with the webspace and the platform you need to start writing immediately, without having to pay anything. You can also create your blog by buying your domain and hosting it on a paid web server.

What are blogs used for?

Thanks to blogging, ordinary people can become little journalists, who may or may not have the intention of becoming famous personalities. Blogs are generally created for personal use so that people can write their daily adventures, express their feelings and ideas online.

Bloggers can consider themselves artists who choose their words carefully so that they can best express their feelings and desires.

Blogging for business.

With the advent of online business, blogging has taken on a new mission: promoting the websites of online businesses. Blogs are used to increase the productivity of an online business. Based on this, you can make money online using blogs, merely adding it to your existing website.

Creating your first blog.

Before creating your first blog, either for personal use or for your business, you should consider the following tips:

1) Keep your audience in mind.

Even if your blog is personal, you should keep your audience in mind. Keep in mind what interests your audience. After all, people who create blogs don’t just do it for personal reasons; they want the attention of readers. They want to be heard and known, so it is essential to write in a way that others can understand.

2) Images express thousands of words.

To make your blog interesting, it is recommended to use images that complement the text you write. You should only place images related to the topic you are dealing with.

3) Create blogs that are constructive and beneficial to others.

You should focus your writing efforts on publishing information that will bring benefits to others. People spend a lot of time on the internet, looking for information on how to solve their specific problems; this can make a large number of readers interested in your blog.

The focus of blogging should go beyond entertainment. The idea is to create connections with the readers, and what better way to achieve this than satisfying their needs, doubts, and desires.

4) Avoid making complicated and multifaceted blogs.

Try to avoid using complicated words at all costs. Most of your readers will not be academics, but ordinary people looking for answers. Making use of complicated vocabulary can drive away your readers. Focus your effort on writing simple facts.

You should also consider that most internet readers do a lot of scans of the texts; they don’t read the complete articles word for word. You must write so as not to bore your readers.

5) Make the process interactive.

Try as much as possible to make your blog interactive. You can do this by posting videos on your blog.

Similarly, allow readers to comment, activating the commenting functions that all blog platforms allow. This way, you will enable people to give you feedback on your content, which you can use to improve the content of your future articles.

The structure of blogs is made up of formats.

One of the advantages of blogging is that it is made up of predefined formats, which differs from many individual web pages.

This structure makes it easy for bloggers to create new pages without knowing web programming. Creating new pages is extremely easy for bloggers, especially for those who are just starting since blog structures have fixed configurations.

The parts that compose the structure of a blog article:

1) The title.

Like a newspaper article, the title summarizes in a single sentence what the article is about.

2) The body.

It is where the article is written. The content consists of text, images, and videos.

3) Permanent link.

Every article you write generates a unique web address or URL that identifies it.

4) Comments area.

In this section, your readers can post comments about the article.

5) Categories and Labels.

They are used to categorize the various articles you write, creating sections that help readers read multiple articles related to specific information easily.

Communities of blogging networks.

Many blogging networks provide the platform for creating blogs and give access to their members to communities that can interact with other bloggers.

Thanks to this, bloggers can meet other bloggers who write about similar topics or their niche. They establish relationships that serve to exchange links between them and increase their network of colleagues.

Making money with blogs.

Blogs are a way to generate income online. Imagine having a lifestyle where you receive money for writing about a topic of your choice. It is possible, and besides that, it is not as complicated as many people think. Thanks to the way blogs are structured and programmed, bloggers only need to worry about writing their content. The technical aspects to know are fundamental since it is practically developed for people without any technical knowledge.

So are you interested in blogging? The main thing is to select the platform you are going to use.

Free blogging platforms.

There are several free blogging platforms that you can use. These are the two most famous:


This platform is part of the suite of applications provided by Google. So if you have a Google account, you just have to go to the address: and follow the simple steps to create your blog.


Creating a blog on this platform is as simple as on blogger, you just have to go to the address:, create your account, and follow the simple steps for building your blog. This platform can be considered more complete than blogger since it has more advanced features. For example, the handling of categories and labels, sidebars, as well as the statistics.

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