Article Marketing To Promote Your Online Business

How To Use Article Marketing To Promote Your Online Business


The article marketing technique has been used for many years. It started from media publications to evolving to the web. Many experts claim that it is timeless, which makes it extremely important in what is known as the digital age.

The reason why article marketing is considered very important, is because it focuses on the fact that it not only serves to increase the content of your website, but also helps to increase the rankings of your website in the search engines, which results in high quality traffic for your website.

All this means that the probabilities of obtaining more buyers of your articles increase considerably. Many of these new clients may be from states or countries other than yours, in other words through article marketing you manage to expand the scope of your online business.

Using article marketing to get potential customers to your website

1) Choose the keywords that best suit your product.

You can achieve this simply by choosing the most relevant keywords for your business and products. Potential customers look for these words in search engines, search engines provide the results related to search terms, which makes them click on the links they get and visit your website.

2) Publish your articles in online networks.

You can publish your articles in specialized online networks for this. There are several article submission sites, which are known as directories. Similarly there are the so-called article search engines, where you can send your articles for free.

3) Publish your articles on blogs or websites of friends and acquaintances.

You can also post articles on blogs or websites of friends and acquaintances who work in the same industry.

4) Create and sell ebooks.

In case you have already written many articles, you can categorize them to make better use of it. You can for example create an ebook that you can sell online.

5) Publish your articles on ezine sites.

Another option is to send your articles to sites to the so called ezines. These sites will drive a lot of traffic to your website and they are very well organized.

Article Marketing is important to your online business.

So can we say that article marketing is important to promote your online business? The answer is yes. Here are some of the advantages that you can get by using article marketing:

1) Your articles do not have to be very long.

By writing articles of only 300 to 500 words, you will be able to communicate with readers on a more personal level than a banner can. The reality is that many people ignore the banners, they are convinced that they represent a waste of time, they always try to avoid them.

2) You don’t have to be an expert.

One of the best advantages of using article marketing is that you should not be an expert writer, to explain to the reader what your product is about. Similarly, it represents a simple way to do it and to make others understand your message quickly.

3) You can outsource your article marketing.

In case writing is not your strong suit, you can hire specialized people who can understand the message of your business and can put it into words so that your customers will enjoy reading.

Recommendations for article marketing.

Starting to use article marketing can be difficult for some. Here are some tips that you can use when writing and publishing your articles.

1) Write drafts first.

In case you have trouble writing your articles, I recommend that you write some drafts first. Read them and validate that they are consistent before publishing them on the web.

2) Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers.

In order to get people to get your items through online search engines, you must put yourself in their shoes and understand what they are really looking for. In this way you can write your articles, based on the needs they present, and thus make them more effective in terms of selling your products and services online. Remember that you must get them to trust you, so you should keep this in mind when you write your articles.

3) Write in the second person.

Write your articles in the second person, in this way you will able to reach more potential clients, since they will feel that you are talking to them. In this way you can create a relationship with them, which will help a lot when selling your products.


Article marketing can bring many benefits to your business.

You should only keep in mind the following tips I’m going to present you:

1) Write only relevant content.

The main thing is that you are sure that you are writing content relevant to your business and products. If you are convinced that your product can be very useful, then do some previous research on it, then at the end of the article put a link to your website. It is important that before you submit your article to a website that specializes in article publishing, it has the category or topic of your article.

2) Your article has to be timely and newsworthy at the same time.

This will help you a lot to keep in touch with what is happening in the world. For this you can make use of tools such as Google Alerts, which sends you alerts to your email at the moment a news is produced related to a keyword you use.

3) Do not write just one article on a respective topic.

Writing a single article on a respective topic won’t help you much. You must write a new one with updated information after several months, if you do not do this, your competition will write updated articles, which will make your articles no longer have value for potential customers.

4) Make your items go viral.

Allow other people to publish your article demanding that they give you credit. In this way you will get others to publish your message, which will make your voice multiply quickly with a little effort. One way to accomplish this is to have others republish the links of your blog or website. If your article is very good, your followers on social networks will be happy to share the links to your articles.

5) Write short and simple articles.

If you make a very long article, people won’t want to read it. Not all people like to spend a lot of time reading, so being able to send your message in a short and concise way, you will get the attention of this type of public too.

6) You don’t need many articles to start article marketing.

Surely you wonder how many articles you need to increase the traffic of your website. The answer is: not many. With two articles they can make things start to have results. What you should do is try to capture the attention of your readers. To achieve this you must give titles in your articles that are catchy. You can use the following formats: “How to do …”, “X tips to do / achieve …”. A good title will make more users click on the links, and in this way you will increase the number of potential customers you can absorb to your business.

7) You have used cross-referencing.

You can write and send only a couple of articles, to promote your products, to article submission sites. If you have more products, you can mention them in what is known as the resorce box, which is the space that article submission sites give you to put links to your website. Some of these sites allow you to post two links in the resorce box, you can use it for the main address of your website and another for the address of one of your products.

8) Post articles on your website too.

It is recommended not only to submit articles to article submission sites, but also to publish them on your blog. In this way you get traffic from search engines and you can get others to share your links on social networks. You can also combine your articles in an ebook and offer it for free to people who subscribe to your mailing list.

9) Use RSS Feeds submission sites.

Publish your articles on RSS submission sites, there are many of them, they will drive a lot of traffic to your website.


When you are writing your articles, keep your readers in mind at all times. There are many studies that show that most online readers scan pages to get the information they are looking for, rather than reading the entire page.

Use good titles, lots of subtitles and use bullet points.

Having good titles, lots of subtitles and using bullet points helps readers locate the information they are looking for. They prefer sites of this style, they will return to sites like these where they can easily find what they are looking for. This means that the more these readers return to your site, the greater the probability of turning them into your customers.

If you don’t focus on writing in this way, you will be wasting your time, since internet readers seek to locate information quickly and easily.

Use categories and labels to organize your articles.

Keeping your articles in an orderly manner on your blog is highly recommended. You should use the organization options provided by blogging platforms, among them are: categories and tags.


The answer to the question: Can article marketing help my business? The answer is yes, because, not only will you be able to publish your articles for free, but you can reach a specific audience that will be interested in your products and services.

Sending your articles to directories.

Article marketing will help your business from the first moment you submit the first one to the different article directories. Once your articles are approved on those sites, you will get many people to visit your website. This thanks to the resorce box, which these directories provide you at the end of the article you send. You can place the link to your website in this section of the article that is located at the end of the article.

If the article has a great impact on any reader, they will be able to publish your article on their website, which will make your article have more exposure to other people without you having to do more work.

When you submit articles to these directories, you must put keywords that will help readers find your articles. These keywords also help search engines to index your articles.

Create short reports and offer them for free.

Another way to get people to see your website is to give your content in the form of what are known as short reports or ebooks. When readers read your reports, they will want to read much more of your content and therefore be interested in your business. Offer these reports for free in exchange for a subscription to your mailing list.

Small, medium and large companies use article marketing.

It really does not matter if you are writing articles for small, medium or large businesses, since there are many ways to promote it. For example, if your article is written to promote a small restaurant, you should put something related to the location of the business in the title.

The same is true for medium and large scale businesses. The key is to create a title that manages to capture the attention of the audience. They should feel that the title identifies with the information they are looking for.

Article marketing and conventional print publications.

Now it’s good to ask yourself: Is article marketing a better strategy than conventional print publications? The answer is yes, since people will find your article easily, just by typing in a few keywords. Print publication is somewhat difficult since you must search through many previous versions of newspapers and magazines to find the ads.

Similarly, conventional publications are relevant only at the time they are written. The online form will remain active for many years. What should be taken into account is that it must be updated, in case something new related to a specific article appears.


Article marketing is considered the new way of promoting products today. Think about it, what better way to reach an audience than to generate content that is related to the product you sell?

For example, if you have a product that treats diabetes, you can write an article to reach an audience that can benefit from it. A good title could be: How to prevent the increase in sugar levels?

Increase the rankins of the search engines.

The owners of the sites use articles to increase their rankings in search engines like Google. The more articles you have related to a keyword, the greater the chance of obtaining traffic through search engines.

This is done not only to increase the visitors who see a website, but the advertisements that will be placed on the website. The more visitors you send to a website, the greater the chance that visitors will click on the ad, which will increase revenue.

Be careful with the grammar and do not copy content.

Lately, many poorly edited articles have been published. Articles with poor grammar. Similarly, there are many articles copied from another websites. When publishing articles you should take this into account. Be sure to write articles with correct grammar and consistency. Similarly, for no reason should you copy articles from other sites. You must generate your own content, since what people are looking for is the message that your brand offers and that is something that only you can achieve. Similarly, copying articles will affect your rankings in the search engines, your content will be marked as copied, which will make you penalized by the search engines.

The important thing is that you generate quality content, that is why next I provide you with some tips on how to do it:

1) Write as if you were talking to your readers.

The best way to make your articles easily readable is to write them as if they were a conversation. Write your articles as if you were talking to your readers. In this way the reader will be able to absorb a lot the essence of the article, managing to create a relationship with you.

2) Use simple words.

Forget about using words that can only be found in the dictionary. Most of your readers will not be academics with an extensive vocabulary. By using simple words you can create a connection with your readers. In this way you will achieve the goals that you set on the beginning, inform your readers, turn them into potential customers and promote your product.

3) Write short articles.

Keep in mind that you are not writing a novel. When using online content, you should make it short and concise. The reason for these is because internet readers have short attention spans. They will not have time to read long articles. Try to get to the point when you write for the web, your readers will appreciate it.

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