Increase Your Sales And Get New Clients Using Referral Marketing

Did you know that it’s possible to get new leads, clients and sales for your online business using your current clients and influencers?

Hi, in this article i’m going to teach you how to use referral marketing to get more clients to your online business.

If you are an online business owner and are looking to maximize exposure, there is no better way to do this than through what is known as referral marketing. Referral marketing encourages people who operate in your niche to share information regarding their products and services. These people can be influencers, current clients you have, or leaders and recognized people in the market.

There are many other ways to make good use of referral marketing to obtain its maximum power. I will explain it to you in this video. I will teach you how to connect with your most loyal customers so that you can motivate them to spread the word about the products and services you sell, to achieve long-term success.

Now I am going to present to you 8 tips you can apply to get new clients for your online business using the referral marketing. So are you ready to maximize your profits thanks to referral marketing? Let’s begin then:


Make sure that your business is worth sharing with others.

Before you can get the most out of referral marketing, you must start evaluating and making sure that your business is worth sharing with others. The main objective here is to promote your products through influential personalities of the niche where you operate and by your current clients.

That is why the better your business is structured to appeal to your target audience, and the more you can excite the people, the easier to launch your referral system. If your products and services don’t have a clear brand message, your affiliates will have to do too much to sell it. The information should tell potential customers how they can benefit from buying from you.

Concentrate on exceeding expectations.

62% of people do an online search before buying a product. They want to know what other customers, who have already purchased the product, have to say about it. They also care a lot about the reputation of the company that sells the product or service. In addition to those mentioned above, 90% of buyers trust brand recommendations from other persons they know.

Remember the last time you bought an expensive product. You asked your acquaintances for recommendations, right? If you didn’t do that, you spent some time reading reviews and feedback that other people, who bought the product, left on various websites. The same will happen with the products you sell; someone will do a previous search. That’s the reason why you have to make sure that the customers who buy it, leave a useful review and testimonials.


Make new customers get excited about your message.

It is not the job of the affiliates to persuade a possible new client to make a purchase; it is your job! Make new customers get excited about your message, so they get motivated and spread the word. You can do this in many ways, for example, by making use of monetization campaigns such as affiliate programs, rewards programs, as well as other incentives.

Create a product that stands out in the market, that is sought by many people, and that solves a specific problem. You have to highlight the benefits of your product or service. Invest a good time creating a top-notch sales page while improving the look and feel of your store or landing page, in such a way that you offer a positive experience.

Get the customer to share product information with others.

With each transaction your business get, you should try to get the customer to share product information with others, which can be directly or indirectly through social media platforms. Here are some ways to start with this:

  1. Customers are always excited to get a discount, a gift, or even to give their feedback.
  2. Some are interested in promoting their online persona, these you can offer a backlink to their social media page in exchange for a testimonial.
  3. A video-testimonial is very useful in generating sales. Convince new customers, who bought the product, to make video testimonials.
  4. Share the feedback you get on your website and social media accounts of your business.

Spreading the word from person to person.

75% of people do not trust traditional advertising methods, so spreading the word from person to person is one of the best strategies. Positive endorsements, turn out to be very useful, from people who have already bought the product when it comes to selling more.

After each transaction, use a polite, non-intrusive way to ask customers to share their shopping experience with family, friends, and acquaintances. It is considered that, on average, people will do business with you four times faster if an acquaintance refers them.


Influencers and influential leaders are the best business partners.

Social media influencers and influential leaders in some markets are, without a doubt, the best business partners when it comes to helping you get new customers. Influencers are people in social media with many followers. Their followers rely on the advice of the influencer when buying or not buying a product.

Social media influencers tend to be very active on their pages, and they communicate with their followers regularly. They generally use one of these platforms to communicate: Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat.

Send them free samples of your product to influencers.

To get influencers to test your product, and share their experience with their followers, send them free samples of your product. Sending free samples of products to influencers, in the beauty industry, for example, is very common. Influencers make videos of them using the product and giving their feedback.

Statistics say that 40% of the people who saw an influencer use a product, bought it. Other statistics show that 49% of shoppers base their purchases only on suggestions from the influencers they follow. That number represents almost half of the consumers.


Introduce your referral program at the perfect moment.

Customers tend to share their experiences immediately after they purchase if asked to do so. At those times, it is when their adrenaline level is higher than at other times, which is why they are usually very excited. That moment is the perfect time to introduce your referral program. Not only is the best time to invite them to join your referral program, but it’s also the best time to ask your clients for feedback on their entire buying experience.

You must be clear that a buyer who just bought your product minutes ago, may not be able to give an objective opinion of the product. Still, they can provide an impression of the entire experience at the time of purchase.

Encourage your customers to give reviews and feedback.

You would be surprised to know the number of businesses that do not contact their clients to request feedback. Do not be one of them! Connecting with your customers and asking them for information about their experiences using the product is very positive. You will be able to generate testimonials, which you can use in your marketing campaigns. Don’t be afraid to ask them.

Many times you can earn someone’s trust, just by asking for their feedback. Asking for feedback makes many people feel important, and you show them that you value them as customers. You also show them that you are committed to ensuring that they have a very positive interaction when it comes to having a shopping experience on your website.

Use existing automation tools.

To lower the volume of work involved in collecting this information and reduce time, you can use existing automation tools. Here are some of the ones you can use:

  • Surveys.

Create surveys focused on asking information relevant to the shopping experience. Make the study simple, short, and well-focused. Do not do long surveys that bore customers; you will waste time as they will never complete them. Focus only on the questions that are most important in helping to identify potential problems and improve your products and services.

  • Autoresponders.

Incorporate the management of mailing lists and newsletters into your purchasing system so that you are collecting information from the customers and following them up. You can increase the value of your mailing list, loading autoresponders with a sequence of emails that work to build a relationship with your customers. At some point in the sequence, you can post an email that comes out and asks for feedback.

Introduce your current customers to your affiliate system.

Introduce your current customers to your affiliate system. Explain the benefits of being part of it. Includes benefits such as: receive a discount on your next purchase, earn money from sales generate.


Be very transparent regarding the terms and conditions of your referral system.

First of all, you need and must make sure that you are very transparent regarding the terms and conditions of your referral system. Because there are many scams, clients are cautious about being part of a referral system.

You must understand that after all, they are investing time in you and risking their reputation when recommending your products and services. Your affiliate program subscription page must be self-explanatory and easy to understand; it should not leave any doubt.

Aspects to consider when adjusting your affiliate subscription page.

You should consider these aspects when adjusting your affiliate subscription page:

  1. Outline the terms and conditions of your referral program.
  2. Highlight the benefits of subscribing to your referral program.
  3. Provide clear instructions and information on when payments are sent and through what method.
  4. Choose a reward carefully that aligns with your market and identify what will interest them the most.
  5. Use straightforward eligibility criteria. Don’t complicate the registration process for your affiliates.

Generally speaking, you should keep the details regarding your referral program as simple as possible.


Treat your customers well.

Excellent customer service represents the heart of every successful company. Whether on the phone, online, or via text message, customers like to be treated well. It is important that you always provide them with proper support. By doing so, your business achieves a more significant reputation. One of the most essentials parts of customer service is being responsible.

If a customer files a complaint, they will want to hear back from your business as soon as possible. Many of them use social media to file the claim instead of calling the company. An upset customer may, for example, contact you on twitter to file a complaint. It will only really take you a few seconds to reply.

Make complaints your number one priority.

Keep up to date with all customer comments through social media, making complaints your number one priority. Clients understand that problems occur and will refer you more likely if they are clear that you take issues responsibly and solve them quickly. Encourage your customer service representatives to be honest when interacting with each customer. Make sure they maintain a bright, professional tone and are never pushy.

Establish a ticket management system.

Establish a ticket management system to carry and solve customer problems. A ticket system helps each complaint go through a process and ensure that each one will be addressed.

Focus on finding a happy ending.

Keep in mind that people will always remember how you made them feel, so focus on finding a happy ending for every problem that arises.


Offering something new.

Even if your business is doing well, it can do even better. You can increase the number of referrals your company receives, only by being innovative and offering something new, something that your market lacks. Remember that there is always a way to make a product or service faster and better. Developing a new product doesn’t have to be as big as developing a new phone or car. Being innovative refers to being able to solve a market need through a product or service.

Pay attention to the actual needs

Pay attention to the actual needs not only of your customers but of your consumers in general. What are the products and services that people are requesting? What are the complaints that consumers have regarding a specific product? Meeting those needs will make your clients refer you, new clients for your business.


Offer existing customers additional discounts and rewards at the time of purchase.

A great way to speed up your referral marketing is to offer existing customers additional discounts and rewards at the time of purchase. For example, consider offering a coupon code or a special discount in exchange for sharing their purchase with your friends on social media.

The Groupon company did this very well by offering great discounts for each referral from social media. Providing discounts and savings as options to customers is a fantastic way to not only encourage affiliates but to reward current customers by making their purchase cheaper.

It is a win-win situation.

Determine what type of discount or other financial incentives they would be interested in getting.

Study your market to determine what type of discount or other financial incentives they would be interested in getting.

Ask them:

  • Are you looking for a coupon code for a specific product?
  • Would you prefer a discount on your current order or a future order?
  • Would you prefer a discount percentage of the following order on your total or just a single product?

You should try different incentives, to detect which one best suits your market, which customers respond best. Always remember, keep track of your incentive campaigns so that you can measure results more appropriately.

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