Learn The Top Strategies To Market Your Audio books And Build Your Audience

You just published your firts audiobook and now you don’t know how to generate sales.

Hi, in this article I’m going to teach you how to attract clients to your audio book pages using social media and podcasts.

Discover the ten best strategies to market your audio book and build your online audience.

The publication of books has grown and evolved in a fast and exponential way, through the years. In the past, to publish your book, you had to have sent it to a publisher and crossed your fingers for someone to buy it. Today this is different; you can publish your book yourself using the Internet.

There are many ways to publish your book, among them are: printed, digital, and in the form of an audiobook. Audiobooks have been on the market for a long time and today have gained impressive fame. It is known that, last year the sales of audiobooks approached a billion dollars, this thanks to companies like ACX, where creating audiobooks is very simple.

To publish an audiobook, you must first narrate it in several digital audios, so that your future clients can listen to it. Just like printed and digital versions, there are specific tactics that you can apply to find your audience to be able to sell your audiobooks.

Here are some tips that will help you sell your audiobook using the Internet:

Tip # 1: Use social media.

The dividing line between personal use and sales is practically non-existent in these days of virtual social interaction.

The activity of people on social networks has become the most developed activity today in the world. Statistics estimate that in the year 2021 there will be around 3.1 billion people interacting on social networks, which represents a large number of potential audio listeners for your audiobook. Of all those billions of people, there will be a broad audience interested in the niche of your audiobook.

Be sure to create your pages on the most popular social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Connect these pages as much as possible. Through these pages, you can connect with your readers, so publish the links to all your audiobooks in all of them. There are likewise many other sites where you can post links to your audiobooks.

Before posting your audiobooks to social networks you have to do a investigation. You must know what are the best tactics to catch the attention of your audio listeners. Make use of hashtags; this is an excellent way to make your links seen by a larger group of people.

Hashtags allow users of social networks to do searches for keywords that interest them. Using the right hashtags can make the difference between selling or not selling your audiobooks.

Join groups on social networks of the theme or niche of your audiobook. With this, you will be able to make connections and therefore multiply your audience. On Facebook, for example, there are many groups, and for sure, there are many groups of your niche, many of these groups allow their members to promote their audiobooks, make sure you post your audiobook links to book that allow posting direct links.

It is essential that when you join the groups, you not only publish your links but also participate in conversations. The fact of interacting with your future clients will make them connect much more with you, this will help you create a relationship and trust that will end in sales.

In these groups, you can also give discount codes to your future clients. The most important thing is that you make sure that the members of the groups interact with each other. Also, it’s vital to choose groups based on quality and not quantity.

When posting to Facebook groups, be sure to post short examples and talk about your work. For this, you can make short videos of no more than 5 minutes, or publish images related to your work. When you post these short examples or snippets, be sure to include the links to the pages where you sell your audiobooks.

For each of the social networks, create images related to what you are selling. You can make use of online programs such as canva.com. These image creation platforms are straightforward and fast to use and are optimized to create images with the formats used in social networks.

Keep in mind that you must promote your audiobooks separate from your printed versions. This is because there are two main types of readers, digital and printed materials. Within digital, there are even ebook readers and audio listeners for audiobooks. Sometimes you can find those who like both formats, but it is also advisable to sell them separately so as not to reload your posts.

The most important thing when promoting your social media products is to be authentic. The key is to show your unique personality; this is what will make your audio listeners connect with you and buy all the audiobooks you publish.

Tip # 2: Use Podcasts.

There are many podcast sites on the Internet today. People come to them to learn and entertain themselves. These sites are considered one of the best traffic sources to sell audible products.

Creating your first podcast, and building an audience with it, can be a lot work, but don’t worry, podcast books exist for all types of book genres out there.

Before connecting with podcast site hosts, take time to listen to their shows. Make sure your audiobooks are on the same lines as podcasts, if it matches the personality type of your job and if they are accepting interview requests.

When you are online at one of these podcast sites, you are being interviewed by the host. He or she will ask you about the content of your audiobook and your professional career in the niche.

The most important thing is that you are genuine when you are being interviewed. On many occasions, the hosts will ask you to read a fragment of your book. Make sure you choose the right segment of content that shows the audio listeners the power of your work. You can use the content you used to create your promotional videos, the same ones you use to publish on social networks and groups.

It is crucial that you do proper research so that you get the podcast sites that best suit your niche.

Be sure to record your interview; you can use it in your social media accounts to promote your audio books even more. This will help you increase your followers and is a very professional way of thanking the podcast host for allowing you to participate in their shows.

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