Linkedin Marketing Tips That Will Grow Your Business

LinkedIn is considered the most popular business social network. Currently, more than 30 million companies use LinkedIn for their business.

It is not only the social network for recruiting employees. LinkedIn currently has more than 690 million members.

LinkedIn is used by the marketing and sales departments of companies to attract and convert new business. It has been shown that at least 80% of leads come from LinkedIn, and 94% of marketers use LinkedIn to distribute their content.

LinkedIn can be considered a handy channel for B2B companies if this social network is used correctly. There are many tools available for LinkedIn for all types of businesses in terms of business type and size, from small businesses to large businesses.

It is clear then that you must develop a marketing plan for LinkedIn.

Now I’m going to explain to you a series of marketing tips for LinkedIn that will make your business grow:

  1. Identify your goals.

It is imperative to identify what your business goals are. Once you know them, it will be easier for you to come up with a marketing plan that works for LinkedIn.

Generally, the marketing goals used on LinkedIn include the following:

• Increase the authority of your brand.
• Capture new leads.
• Send relevant traffic to your website.
• Promote your business events.
  1. Complete your company profile.

On LinkedIn, your company profile will be the most important thing for your online brand. Since people who do business searches online are interested in knowing about your product and service, it is mandatory to have a complete profile.

You should take your LinkedIn Page from a basic level to a much more detailed level. By doing this, you will give your visitors much more information about your business and improve your rankings on Google.

100% completed LinkedIn profiles are known to get 30% more views. You must bear in mind that you will only have one chance to make a good impression, and this will be demonstrated on your LinkedIn company profile. By having an excellent profile on your LinkedIn page, you will get your visitors to click on your website.

When you complete your LinkedIn profile, you get many more people to find you through the LinkedIn search engine. That means that you have many more potential clients. You manage to impress them from the beginning. It will give you the credibility you need to be able to convince these new prospects.

Here are a series of tips that will help you complete your company profile on LinkedIn:

• Make sure you complete your profile 100%, do not leave anything empty.
• Choose the most appropriate category for your business.
• Choose the right URL for your brand.
• Make sure you upload your company logo and also add your tagline.
• Make sure you don't make grammar mistakes.
• Compare your LinkedIn profile with that of your competitors and do it much better.
• Be sure to list the awards and distinctions your company has received: mention the best-known clients you have had.
• Use the space provided wisely.
• Inform people about the vision, mission, and values ​​of your company offer a description of the products and services in 3 short paragraphs.
• Add the addresses of your stores or offices.
• Add to the hashtags that are commonly used in your industry and that best suit your business.
• Add a profile photo that best describes your business.
• Add a custom button to your profile that motivates you to take some action.
• Handles several languages: if your company is a multinational, you will have the possibility of placing your company name, tagline, and description in up to 20 different languages.
  1. Create a marketing strategy for LinkedIn.

Once you have completed your profile page, it is time to plan the marketing strategy you will use on LinkedIn. You should be able to answer the following questions:

• What goals can my company meet by being on LinkedIn?
• Will I use LinkedIn to recruit, sell, connect with clients, or all of the above?
• Will the marketing budget for LinkedIn, including the use of ads?

When creating your marketing plan for Linkedin, you should consider the following:

• Learn to make use of LinkedIn demographics.

It is a good starting point for all those who learn to use the platform; thanks to this, you can learn what kind of audience you can find.

• Make sure you audit your competition on LinkedIn.

See how they use the platform, analyze what works for them, and how you can improve what they do.

• Develop a content calendar for LinkedIn.

Make a plan to post content so you can create your articles, images, and videos.

  1. Optimize your page for search.

Having a great LinkedIn page is not enough. You have to ensure that people can find it easily. Here is where search engine optimization comes to play. You must include keywords in your company profile.

You must take care to choose words that are relevant and descriptive of your business. Ask yourself what kind of words or phrases potential prospects would type in Google search when they’re searching for products and services.

  1. Share your LinkedIn page.

When sharing your page on Linkedin, you should consider the following:

• Let people know that your LinkedIn Page is active.

If you have employees, send a corporate email to all of them with the news.

• Let them know how they can follow your page.
• Share the success of the people who make your business great.

Find a way to connect your visitors with the strongest leaders in your company. Try to give your customers and potential future employees a preview of what your company culture is.

• Promote your page with your customers too.
• Make use of all your digital channels such as newsletters, social media channels, and websites.

When you do this, tell people what’s there for them, explain what is available, from business opportunities to live LinkedIn sessions.

• Add social media icons to the headers and footers of your website or newsletter.

In this way, you will make it easier for people to find your LinkedIn page.

  1. Start creating and sharing your content.

Once you have your LinkedIn profile ready, it is time to start creating content. Content marketing is essential for any social media platform; therefore, LinkedIn is no exception.

Indeed, content marketing on LinkedIn can be much more successful than on another social media channel. LinkedIn has an audience of professionals who are searching for knowledge and information.

Take advantage of this by sharing your articles from your blogs, webinars, and videos about your company’s topic that will be addressed to your target market. Always focus on quality; if possible, try to contact strong leaders in your niche who are always active on LinkedIn and ask them to contribute to your page.

Share content frequently, and you will build an audience that will always come back for more.

Keep in mind that you do not need a huge budget to do your content marketing. There are many free tools that you can use to create your graphics and videos. Here are the most famous ones:

• Canva: is a free graphic design tool.
• Unsplash: is a library containing free high-quality images.
• Piktochart: is an infographic creator.
• Lumen5: convert text to video in minutes.
  1. Grow your network.

Through content marketing, you can get new followers. There are other methods you can use to achieve this, now I provide them:

• Share other people's content.
• Tag connections in your content promotions.
• Ask your clients to write recommendations and testimonials for your company page.
  1. Share your posts using rich media.

Posts with photos and videos perform much better on social media. It also applies to LinkedIn.

The posts that use images receive 98% more comments. Create custom collages that include 3 to 4 images in a single post, making you have a higher degree of engagement.

Try to avoid stock images; your own and customized images have a higher degree of engagement. You can also upload PDFs and PowerPoint presentations to your posts.

Videos achieve five times more engagement on LinkedIn than any other type of content. The advantage of uploading LinkedIn videos is that they run automatically when people scroll through the pages.

This makes you achieve a higher level of attention in the people who see them. Additionally, the videos that you upload to LinkedIn are videos that have a higher priority.

Remember always to add closed captions if they are available.

  1. Optimize your posts to achieve greater reach and a more significant impact.

The LinkedIn algorithm ranks posts based on the following signals: personal connections, relevance, and the likelihood of engagement. In other words, what the LinkedIn algorithm does is show content to people who may be most interested.

Here are the best practices for your LinkedIn business posts:

• Share only relevant content.
• Capture the attention of readers by using images or videos.
• Keep the copy short. For long posts, use short paragraphs or bullet points to make them easier to read.
• Always remember to include your call to action.
• Tag people and pages relevant to your content.
• Place a question in your post to get a response from readers and thus achieve more significant engagement.
• Create LinkedIn polls to get feedback and greater engagement.
• Include up to 3 hashtags relevant to your niche and do it naturally.
• Write strong headlines for your articles.
• Try to respond to the comments you receive as quickly as possible to achieve a higher engagement level.
  1. Post at the right times.

It’s crucial to post regularly and at the right times to grow your LinkedIn audience. For example, companies that post weekly achieve engagement twice as fast as those who don’t. Those who post once a day achieve much higher engagement.

Regardless of how frequent you post, try to post the best times. The best times to post on the LinkedIn platform are, without a doubt the following: 7:45 AM; 10:45 AM; 12:45 PM and 5:45 PM EST.

Wednesday is considered to be the best day to post for B2B brands. For B2C brands, the best day to post is Monday and Wednesday.

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