Using Social Messaging Apps To Promote Your Online Business

Did you know that it’s possible to generate more sales to your online business by using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and SMS?

Hi, in this article i’m going to teach you how to use social messaging apps to promote your online business.

It is essential to be clear that the use of social media is necessary for the creation of online business marketing campaigns. Viral messages can be created through social media, which helps build business relationships with followers and fans. In the same way, it helps to obtain feedback from this audience regarding the business that is being promoted.

You need to understand that social media is only one of the tools that the internet provides to business owners. It’s used to obtain large audiences and establish deep relationships with them, but there’re other tools, that need to be integrated with social media to obtain a complete marketing success for your campaigns. One of these tools is Social messaging apps.

Social Messaging Apps.

There is a marketing tool little used these days by marketers, which is Social messaging apps.

When speaking of Social messaging apps, I am referring to known applications, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram Messenger, Skype, etc. Even SMS can enter this category, despite being one of the oldest.

These options for promoting an online business have been available for decades. However, they are not massively used by online companies. That is why, in this video, I am going to explain how to make use of them so that you can get the maximum potential and bring benefits to your online business.

The Power Of Social Messaging Apps.

It is good to ask yourself the question: why are these forms of marketing not being used massively today? Possibly the reason is related to the fact that creators and marketers are focused on quantity and not quality. But what does this really mean?

Content creators and marketers will consider using a marketing tool, only if this tool will have a significant impact on their numbers. What they are looking for is ROI (Return Of Investment). What they want is for their hard work to get results and profits. In this way, they only focus on the type of work that is easily quantifiable.

That is why, in this case, social messaging does not adapt to this rule that they use. For example, you typically only send one WhatsApp message to one person at a time. In the same way, this person is an existing lead. It is a person that you already have in the database; in other words, it is someone who already knows your business. Looking at it this way, WhatsApp would imply a large volume of work for marketers.

Now make a comparison to make a single Facebook post, which in theory can get thousands of new leads in a couple of hours. Marketers see it more productive to make the Facebook post than to send the WhatsApp message. The great reality is that they are entirely missing the point.


The point of social messaging apps is not to try to get a vast number of new customers, but to build a quality relationship with existing leads. In other words, it is about taking advantage of what already exists to increase the conversion rate. Next, I’ll show you some of the benefits of social messaging apps as well as other marketing realities:

1) Developing Relationships.

A lead is a potential customer, through which you establish a relationship. It has been someone you can contact who knows your business and who is interested in what you sell. Based on this, if he or she got into your WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger contacts, it was because he or she was always interested in your business. It means he or she permitted you to send them messages.


When we as buyers buy from a business, we go through stages called AIDA.

This means:


Awareness of the product, Interest of the product, Desire of the product, and finally, the action is taken when purchasing the product. If you imagine this scenario, social media marketing corresponds to the first two stages and social messaging marketing to the other two.

Something interesting about social messaging is that it helps increase the trust, familiarity, and authority of your contacts to your business. These three aspects are essential to convert leads into clients. It’s passing the lead from the first stage, Awareness to the following ones.

You must understand that once you have a lead, you cannot sell it immediately. You must make it go through the four stages first. Therefore, a lead obtained by social messaging is very delicate, and therefore must be treated as such.

2) Convenience And Immediacy.

Sending messages through social apps is a form of marketing that happens directly in your pockets. What it means is that you will establish contact with these people when they are away from home or when they are surfing the internet during the day. This makes it a much more sensitive. What does this mean? If you send a message to these people on a Saturday afternoon, there will be a better chance that they will see it when they are away from home shopping. It influences their buying behaviours, makes it more immediate.

3) Marketing To People Of Low Purchasing Value.

Today, practically the entire population uses texting. It includes both teens and seniors. By being able to access a larger group of people, you are obtaining not only those who have a high purchasing value but those who have a low purchasing value as well. They’re anyways, willing to buy what they want in the measure of their monthly budget.

Teenagers, for example, click on the links they receive by WhatsApp messages. Since the functionality of WhatsApp and the browsers of smartphones are integrated, this allows the user to quickly and easily access the website that owns the offer. The exciting thing is that they can ask you directly any type of question, without having to wait for an email response. The entire sales process is instantaneous.

4) Facebook’s Reach Is Decreasing.

Many people are communicating less on Facebook these days; they are using tools like WhatsApp. That is why the organic reach that the Facebook groups had, for example, is being dramatically reduced. Thus, not using social messaging apps is a huge loss for an audience that can become potential customers.


Now that you understand much more about why you should start using social messaging apps, to promote your business online, the question that arises is:

Which apps and tools should I use? I will explain now:


Facebook Messenger is used by around 1.3 billion people, which means a massive number of potential customers. Despite this, only 31% of online businesses use it for marketing their products. As you can see, it turns out to be a significant market that is not being used and that you could take advantage of to market your products and services.

This tool is powerful since you have a lot of functionality and integration to Facebook.

Now I describe some of the qualities of Facebook Messenger that you can use:

1) They can contact you directly from your page.

Anyone who sees your Facebook page can contact you directly through Facebook Messenger since they are integrated. It’s a Sales Funnel, already pre-built for you. You can create and share a post on your page or post an ad. It will give you much more traffic to your page, where you can promote your product. The only thing the user will have to do is click to send you an inquiry message.

2) Facebook Ads.

Facebook messenger can be integrated with your Facebook Ads. You can configure Facebook Messenger as the Call to Action; this way, when someone clicks on your ad, they are redirected to the messenger where they can contact you.

3) Call Contacts.

In case you are talking to someone on Facebook Messenger. There is an excellent possibility of making a sale; the messenger will allow you to contact that person simply to make the sale or strengthen your relationship with that lead.

4) Employ Bots.

By using bots, you will be able to answer common questions from your visitors automatically, thus providing one-to-one support, without having to hire staff. These bots will help you put the visitor in your sales funnel and, in the same way, make your business much more attractive when it comes to managing queries and support.

5) Add to Your Website.

It is easy to add the Facebook chat box to your website, which will make it easier for you to collect new contacts, and at the same time, add people to your list.

6) Plugins.

Facebook has a large number of plugins to integrate messenger with WordPress. One of them is the Checkbox Plugin. This plugin allows you to collect contacts that will receive your messages.

Another excellent plugin is “Send to Messenger”. This plugin triggers an authentication event in your webhook, making you able to know information about a user who clicked on your link.


WhatsApp has many benefits when it comes to social messaging marketing, and at the same time, some disadvantages you need know. Let’s analyze them:

1) Immediacy.

The great benefit is that WhatsApp is the most immediate form of existing marketing. WhatsApp is used by us to communicate with family and friends. When we receive a message by WhatsApp, we use to check it immediately, then imagine the impact it can have if you target this idea to your business.

2) Embedding Links And Media In Messages And Calling Clients.

WhatsApp also has many benefits as Facebook Messenger; you can, for example, embed links and media in messages. You can even make calls to your clients using Wi-Fi.

3) You Just Need Their Phone Numbers.

The other great advantage of WhatsApp is that the only thing you need to start sending messages to someone is to have their numbers. If you have his mobile number, you can add it to your contacts and get in touch. It’s easier than achieving it with Facebook Messenger, where the use of special plugins is required. Through WhatsApp, you skip several permissions that Facebook Messenger plugins impose.

4) Be Careful, Get Prior Permission.

You must use WhatsApp very carefully when trying to contact your potential customers. The person you will contact must be very interested in your business; possibly, this person gave you prior permission to contact him or her on WhatsApp.

5) Provide Support To Customers.

The other possibility is to let customers contact you through WhatsApp for specific purposes. It works in the same way as a call center function, where the user contacts you to ask to support or ask questions. Clients like to be able to connect with the business where they are investing. If you are giving the option to do it in a comfortable environment for them, they will appreciate it very much, thus increasing the loyalty of them to your business.


SMS marketing refers to promoting a business using the text sending platform provided by telecommunications companies. This method of marketing is popular with businesses since it has a high open-rate. Lately, it has lost confidence, since it has been abused, which has led to the creation of restrictive laws regarding its proper use for marketing.

This marketing tool has the same benefits and disadvantages as WhatsApp marketing does. That is why it must be used responsibly to guarantee its success. It is essential to consider the following when using this tool:

1) Obtain Prior Permission From Customers.

Make people subscribe voluntarily to the service of receiving SMS messages from your business.

2) Be Respectful.

Be aware of the number of messages you send to a single user, as well as the hours. Nobody likes to receive messages at 3 in the morning, for example, for information that there is a promotion to buy pizza next Sunday.

3) Know Your Audience.

The key is to send the right messages to the right audience. Make sure you know the desires and needs of the receivers before contacting them by SMS.

4) Provide Value.

The primary type of message your users should receive via SMS is discounts and special promotions. In this way, you generate interest and provide value since you are saving money. Provide special discount codes, add them to the link where they can redeem the offer, and show on the destination page or app that the discount is being applied.

5) Be Creative.

You can use SMS creatively to increase the commitment of your customers to your brand. You can create competitions using rhymes or art in ASCII format. It will make your users smile and therefore identify much more with your brand.

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