Why Use Instagram Ads To Promote Your Online Business

Have you ever wondered why you should use Instagram Ads to promote your online business if there are other social media platforms available?

Hi, in this article I’m going to teach you why using Instagram ads is considered one of the fastest ways to get more clients to your online business.

There are over a billion active users on Instagram every month. Every day there are at least 500 million users connected to the platform. This platform has shown accelerated growth since it started in 2010.

Did you know that Facebook owns Instagram? Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, discovered the potential of Instagram when the platform was only 18 months old. He decided to buy it for 1 billion dollars at the time.

Every day, more businesses discover the potential of Instagram and decide to be part of it. Most of the most powerful international brands have an Instagram presence, and it won’t take long for all of them to do the same. Based on this, it makes sense for you to have a presence on Instagram as well.

Here are the main benefits of the Instagram platform to market your online business:

Benefit # 1: At least a third of Instagram users have purchased through the platform.

The goal of any advertising campaign is to increase sales. What businesses are looking for is more sales in exchange for investment in money. Based on this, the question will arise: Will the sales of your business increase by creating Instagram campaigns? Here are some Instagram truths that will answer your question:

More than 33% of Instagram users have used the platform to make purchases online. This means that an Instagram user has 70% more chances of creating an online purchase than a non Instagram user.

The important thing is that you analyze the numbers. With more than a billion active users, it means that 333 million people have made at least one purchase online using the platform. That represents a significant number of potential customers who may be interested in buying your products or services.

Another exciting reality is that around 75% of Instagram users will take action after seeing an interesting Instagram post. They will visit your business website if that is what you want them to do. In case you want them to click buttons like “Contact Us” or “Buy Now,” they will do it too.

If an Instagram user does not take the action you want at a specific moment, then you can obtain this action from him or from her at another time. The way to do it is by using the retargeting techniques the platform allows. Sooner or later, you will get that user to execute the action you want, thus increasing the customers of your online business.

Benefit # 2: Advanced orientation in getting an audience for your business through social media.

The fact that Facebook owns Instagram represents a great advantage. It is known that Facebook has advanced functionality to obtain a target audience. The good news is that they incorporated this into Instagram as well. You can show your ads to specific audiences like:

  • People in a particular range of age.
  • People with a specific interests.
  • People from specific geographic locations.
  • People who show specific behavior.

Once you have managed to specify your target audience, you will have the possibility to retarget them. The platform allows you to customize your retargeting based on the commitment that users have had with specific posts, videos, email accounts, and much more.

Benefit # 3: You can keep track of your sales and leads.

There is no point in investing money in any marketing platform if you cannot measure how effective it is. The good news is that Instagram has the same tracking features that Facebook does.

The good thing is that you can track everything; this includes clicks made on the links, leads generated, and conversions. In case you want to know the cost/benefit of your investment, it is also possible. Practically everything can be measured using the Instagram ads platform. In case you want to break down the results, even more, you can even see where the leads came from, what device the user used, what operating system, etc.

What I recommend is that you do a split test on your ads, which allows you to track results in a more efficient way using Instagram Analytics. The metrics available on the Instagram advertising platform are very comprehensive and provide advertisers with the feedback they need.

Benefit # 4: Take advantage of a clientele not yet reached by others.

Statistics show that 50% of Instagram users will see the business profile that they like daily. In case you don’t have an Instagram account, you will lose this advantage.

It is practically impossible for you to be able to find the same level of customers using other advertising channels than Instagram. When you manage to establish your presence on Instagram, you will be able to discover a market of potential clients that would be difficult and perhaps impossible to get elsewhere.

Benefit # 5: Build your audience organically.

One of the advantages that Instagram has over Facebook is that you can build your audience organically. This audience it will remain faithful to your brand for a long time. Unlike Facebook on Instagram you can create a natural relationship with your customers without having to use ads.

Once you start attracting Instagram followers, they grew organically by word of mouth. When an Instagram user follows your business, they decide they want to see your posts on their timelines. This is great for building an initial interest in them, which you can work on more deeply in the future.

Benefit # 6: You can build stronger relationships with your clients.

It is known that on Instagram, what is known as Brand engagement represents ten times stronger than what is on Facebook. Fifty-four times stronger than Pinterest and 84 times stronger than twitter. With these levels of engagement, you can undoubtedly expect a higher level of interaction from your followers to your posts organically.

In case a user likes one of your posts on Instagram, this action is filed in the posts that they like. This constitutes an image bank that they like from the platform, which they can access at any time. You can use this to stimulate conversions to sales and comments with your other followers.

Benefit # 7: You learn what your audience likes or doesn’t like.

You can learn a lot thanks to your Instagram audience. How good would it be to know what they like or don’t like? When you know this information, you can create specific advertising campaigns based on that information.

It is effortless to see what type of content your audience likes and the content they do not like. You can also see the kind of Instagram accounts that less like to follow. All this will help you provide your audience with the content they are looking for.

Benefit # 8: The visual advantage.

In case you didn’t know yet, Instagram is a visual platform for posting images and videos. Text can be added as well but is not required. This is great, as people like graphic content more, and will remember it more likely than if they read or listened to it.

Videos are the best element when it comes to having an engagement on social networks. The images are also, to a lesser degree, but they also contribute significantly. If you can create pictures and videos that make your business stand out from the rest, you will achieve higher engagement, which will increase the chances of converting your followers to customers.

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